October School Mexico City 2019

 October 26 to November 10, 2019

Decolonization : Horizontal Practices

Hosted by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

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October School 2019
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Academic Activities


Readings for the presentations:
For the presentation by Dr David Gutiérrez Castañeda, chapter 3 of “Stay With the Trouble,” by D. Haraway, and “Extradisciplinary Investigations” by B Holmes.
And for the presentation by Dr. Helena Chávez Mac Gregor pages 176-195 of “At Night, Lightning.”

The other texts constitute a short selection on some of the questions raised by the decolonial movement.

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Yuri Alberto Aguilar Hernández
Postgraduate academic secretary in charge of the symposium

Yuri Alberto Aguilar Hernández holds a Doctor of Arts and Design from the UNAM. He is a professor of the Faculty of Arts and Design appointed to the Graduate School of Arts and Design (PAD). His teaching activity includes two courses at the Graduate School, where he has been part of the faculty since 2014. Since 2012, he has been a member of the Interdisciplinary Action in Art and Environment Research Team in the Art, Design and Environment Laboratory, where he has also coordinated the Permanent Seminar of Art-Design and Social Processes since 2017. His academic production includes academic publications, lectures at academic forums, artworks [sculptures, murals, microarchitectures and public works], design and visual communication projects [infographics, posters, presentations and displays]. He has received multiple awards and academic and artistic grants at local, state, and international levels.

1. Institutional practices academically linking the arts and design with social, collective and community environments: inquiry into art and design practices that question the forms of institutional cultural reproduction, looking to find forms alternative to the hegemonic, mainly within social processes in cultural collectives and civil communities, where the precarity of creative work generates innovative proposals. He focuses his gaze on the dynamic and abnormal constructions of creative practices that lay out relations of equity and justice with institutions at different levels, from the material to the symbolic. This line of research encourages the reflexivity of a productive practice immersed in social contexts as an investigative tool, as well as solutions to specific problems. Some of the research topics are: microarchitectures, urban tactics, social sculptures, trendboxes, and open source coding.
2. Transepistemological dialogues between thinking, making and saying: the transepistemology “happens in the relational dimension between scientific knowledge, art, technique and action as an adaptive structuring to reach concrete goals. It is a phenomenon where another synthesis is made; articulating, constructing and creating links between thought, speech, and doing in organizations and structures designed to achieve social transformation objectives. These organizations propose, as practical objectives, to go from concepts to words to acts. They correspond to the logic of planes, models and programs, expressing articulations of concepts, symbols and acts.”*. They are transepistemological dialogues between the idiomatic, mathematic domains, experimental and para-experimental methods, historical dialectics, and the basis of knowledge stemming from beyond classical science, from the actions constructive of meaning in religions, communal practices, social movements, indisciplines and other activities with which each project dialogues in the field of cultural production.

* Pablo Gonzáles Casanova, “Las nuevas ciencias y la política de alternativas”, in Las nuevas ciencias y las humanidades: de la academia a la política (Barcelona: Antrophos – UNAM – IIS, 2004)




Yuri Alberto Aguilar Hernández es Doctor en Artes y Diseño por la UNAM. Es profesor de la Facultad de Artes y Diseño adscrito al Posgrado en Artes y Diseño [PAD]. Su actividad docente incluye dos asignaturas en el posgrado, donde forma parte del Cuerpo Tutor desde el 2014. Desde 2012 es miembro del Grupo de Investigación Acción-Interdisciplinaria en Arte y Entorno del Laboratorio de Arte, Diseño y Entorno, donde coordina el Seminario Permanente de Arte-Diseño y Procesos Sociales desde 2017. Su producción académica incluye publicaciones académicas, ponencias en foros académicos, obras artísticas [esculturas, murales, microarquitecturas y obra pública], proyectos de diseño y comunicación visual [infografías, carteles, presentaciones y visualizaciones]. Ha recibido múltiples reconocimientos y apoyos académicos y artísticos, locales,  statales, nacionales e internacionales.

John Lundberg
Colloquium Manager

Born in Sweden in 1974. Holds a Bachelor of Art History from the University of Uppsala, Sweden (1997) and a Master of Visual Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM (2011), where he is currently finishing his doctorate. He has taught courses in art history, theory and criticism at various Mexican universities since 2002. His artwork and academic work currently explores the possibilities of research in art, and the relationship between art, history and colonialism.


Nació en Suecia, en 1974. Tiene la Licenciatura en Historia del Arte de la Universidad de Uppsala, Suecia (1997) y la Maestría en Artes Visuales en la FAD, UNAM (2011), donde actualmente está terminando el doctorado. Ha impartido cursos de historia, crítica y teoría del arte desde 2002 en varias universidades mexicanas. Su trabajo artístico y  académico actualmente explora las posibilidades de investigación en el arte, y la relación entre arte, historia y colonialismo.

José Miguel González Casanova
Workshop Manager

José Miguel González Casanova was born in Mexico City in 1964. He has worked as a visual artist, theorist, editor, curator, set designer and educator. He holds a Master of Visual Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM, at which he has taught courses since 1988. He has had 20 solo exhibitions in museums of Mexico, Spain, France, Brazil and Venezuela, and has participated in over 100 collective shows and international biennials. He has published twelve books. He has participated in more than 80 national and international conferences. He has obtained over 10 wards, among which stand out his admission to the National System of Creators (Mexico), the Permanent Open Call of AECID (Spain), and an Honorable Mention at the Ibermuseums Art and Education Award (Brazil).

His artistic projects have developed into research projects and collaborative works that intertwine art, education and economy, as well as the exploration of works that relate text and drawing.


Contact: jm.casanova@gmail.com
(52)5527703823 (mobile and Whatsapp)


José Miguel González Casanova nació en la Ciudad de México en 1964. Su actividad se ha desarrollado cómo artista plástico, teórico, editor, curador, escenógrafo y educador. Es Maestro en Artes Visuales por la Facultad de Artes y Diseño, UNAM, lugar en el que ha impartido clases desde 1988. Cuenta con 20 exposiciones individuales en museos de México, España, Francia, Brasil, y Venezuela, y participado en más de 100 colectivas y Bienales internacionales. Ha publicado doce libros. Ha realizado más de 80 conferencias nacionales e internacionales. Ha obtenido más de 10 reconocimientos, entre los que destaca su ingreso al Sistema Nacional de Creadores (México), la Convocatoria Abierta Permanente de AECID (España), y la Mención Honorífica del Premio Ibermuseos de Arte y Educación (Brasil).

Javier Martínez
Logistics Manager

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the UNAM. Has worked in administration and cultural affairs in various entities of the UNAM: the University of Mexico Magazine, the FES Acatlán Cultural Center, the “Juan José Arreola” Lake House Cultural Center, the Department of Literature, the Office of Cultural Promotion, and as General Director of Publications and Editorial
Development. He is currently the Secretary of Administration, Planning and Liaisons of the Faculty of Arts and Design.

He was also the General Director of IBBY Mexico.

He has been in charge of iconographic research and editorial supervision of books; the staging and curation of contemporary art exhibits; as well as the planning, development and promotion
of innovative cultural promotion projects, with a focus on specific sectors and objectives.


Egresado de la licenciatura en Historia de la UNAM. Se ha desempeñado en administración y gestión cultural en varias entidades de la UNAM: Revista de la Universidad de México, Centro Cultural de FES Acatlán, Casa del Lago “Juan José Arreola”, Dirección de Literatura, Coordinación de Difusión Cultural y como Director General en Publicaciones y Fomento Editorial. Actualmente es Secretario de la Dirección, Planeación y Vinculación de la Facultad de Artes y Diseño.

También, fue Director General de IBBY México.

Ha tenido bajo su responsabilidad la investigación iconográfica y el cuidado editorial de libros; el montaje y la curaduría de exposiciones de arte contemporáneo; así como la planeación, desarrollo y promoción de proyectos de innovación en la difusión de la cultura, con enfoque hacia sectores y objetivos específicos.

Ivonne E. Juárez López
Logistics Manager Assistant

Creative photographer and designer and with more than 10 years of experience in scenic arts. Professor at Facultad de Artes y Diseño (UNAM) since 2018. Specializes in photography, design, communication, performing, and visual arts. She has a Master ́s degree in visual arts and bachelor degrees in graphic design and acting. Ivonne Juarez has plentiful experience in education and administration of cultural and artistic projects, both in public and private institutions. She has taught particular art-related subjects and workshops at various educational levels and diverse populations, ranging from children to adults. Her line of research and main interest is the humanistic, intrinsic, and interdisciplinary training of people through design, visual arts, and scenic play.


Docente de la Facultad de Artes y Diseño desde el 2008, especialista en el área de Fotografía, Diseño y Comunicación Visual, Artes Escénicas y Artes Visuales. Realizó estudios de Licenciatura en Diseño Gráfico y estudios de Posgrado (Maestría) en Artes Visuales en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, así como estudios de Licenciatura en Actuación en La Casa del Teatro A.C., cuenta con amplia experiencia laboral en el trabajo docente y en la administración de proyectos culturales y artísticos, tanto en instituciones públicas como privadas. Ha impartido asignaturas y talleres a distintos niveles educativos y poblaciones diversas que van desde niños, jóvenes y adultos. Su línea de investigación y principal interés gira en torno a la formación humanista, integral e interdisciplinar del individuo por medio del diseño, las artes visuales y el juego escénico.

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