• InOctober is a network of art universities/institutions that intends to consolidate and deepen research and education on relevant public issues and artistic phenomenon. It is a cluster of competence particularly for educational, research, and teaching skills in the field of contemporary public art.
  • InOctober cultivates sustainable and long-term orientated exchange and co-operations with progressive and innovative partner institutions around the world and their researchers, students and faculty members.
  • InOctober promotes discourse within the university, brings teaching and research closer together and provides a useful way to transfer ideas and results generated by the research to the emerging generation of artists.
  • InOctober aligns institutions that are locally bonded and strongly linked with other local institutions.
  • InOctober provides the framework for the October School, a recurrent open and flexible teaching and researching format, that functions as a backbone of the network.

Contemporary Public Art

Contemporary Public Art approaches issues of the public sphere and its social and political implications within artistic practice from a different angle. The focus is not on public space as a construct of limited value, but the notion of the public sphere. It describes the site of social relations, negotiation and formation of opinion, created through public debates and in the encounters of a variety of interests or concerns. Contemporary public art is able to show the diversity of publics and serves as an instrument and method of shaping these. Contemporary public art is what we call an art practice that initiates public debates, participates in them, addresses social issues and questions established opinion. These practices facilitate dissent and critique as important cornerstones of civil society, performing the function and task of art as a critical institution within society.

Partner Institutions